About me

I graduated in 1995 from The College of Homeopathy in London. In 1998 I completed a 2-year postgraduate course at the Dynamis School and was awarded "Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy". In 2001 I successfully passed the selection to the Register of the Society of Homeopaths, which allows me to use the title RSHom.

My interest in homeopathy began through my children when they were little. I remember my frustration when our daughter had one throat infection after another. She was prescribed several courses of antibiotics, which made us increasingly anxious. Then a friend suggested homeopathic remedies and, as beginner's luck would have it, it worked. Not only did the infection clear up, but afterwards she also was much happier in herself.

I was intrigued, and wanted to know more. That was in 1991, and four years later I qualified as a homeopath.

More than15 years on, I still love my work and never tire of meeting new people and the privilege of hopefully helping them along their path.